Ms. Shreejana Pokhrel

Research Adviser

Ms. Shreejana Pokhrel holds a combination of academic accomplishments in LLM degree in International Human Rights Law from University of Essex United, Kingdom, professional certification from Wadham College, University of Oxford, and Master’s Degree in Inter-Asian NGO Studies from SungKongHoe University, South Korea.  She embraces more than twenty years of relevant professional experience working in the human rights and development sector. A noted refugee rights and migration expert, she has time-tested professional expertise on forced migration while working with International Organization for Migration (IOM), TRIAL-a Swiss NGO mandated in addressing human rights violations and impunity, and INHURED International. Throughout her professional career, she has been closely and strategically working/coordinating with governments and multiple-sectors for policy and strategy development, planning and implementation of migration management and governance.

She can be contacted at: